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About me

Hello!  My name is Jen, and I want to help you share your story.  The real one.  The way your kid’s hair falls into their eyes, how it feels when they hold your hand, and those objects they choose to love.  Those things are the truth, and your true story is awesome!

My story is also pretty awesome.  I grew up with a life long education in visual arts.  When I first picked up a camera and aimed it at my kid…sparks flew.  I put away my art supplies and started capturing memories with my camera.  I’m a jeans and t-shirt loving girl who has never followed the latest fads.  I like simple things, unique perspectives, and coffee.  Coffee is good.

Want more?  Check out my portfolio and my blog.  I am part of a fun project called “Kids Were Here”.  I will spend the next year documenting those little details of life with my 7 year old.  Time moves fast, childhood is short, and I don’t want to forget the way it feels.